Recover Data from Pen Drive

Summary: How to Recover Data from Pen Drive? When a crisis situation and urgent tasks just rolled up your entire mind and for some unknown reason files are deleted? Relax, here’s the article to save your day in no sweat way on.

The Pen drive, commonly known as a USB drive, serves as a transportable storage for computing systems: common and inexpensive form of computer storage. It acts as permanent storage drives that interface with the laptop or PC through a USB.

However, the dilemma of many users is dramatically rising in recovering accidental deletion of files. In worse cases, files like thesis, project and budget proposal, presentations and other important files that are urgent and has deadline are gone.

To expand our point, here are more of the common data loss scenarios:

  1. System crash
  2. Virus attack, Trojan infection
  3. Hard disk partition lost or logical corruption
  4. Accidental deletion
  5. Improper format
  6. Improper operation
  7. Emptied the Recycle Bin
  8. Memory card showing 0 bytes (RAW)

But worry no more, we will provide you with no sweat steps on How to Recover Data from Pen Drive.

Bitwar Data Recovery is a data recovery to save your day with just a few clicks to-do. It is a tool installed on Windows computer and compatible for diverse Windows version. It can recover like document, video and/or audio. It is indeed user-friendly and even noobs can easily operate with just a few clicks.

To start with, here are sample files that are located in a folder of a pen drive and in one swift, “The folder is empty”.

Steps to recover Data from Pen Drive

Step 1. Download from Free Data Recovery Software website or by either clicking download button whether in Windows or for Mac. Important reminder:  install the software data recovery to a separate device or partition and click Launch.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

Step 2. Launch the program and proceed to the pen drive where you need to recover your data and click Next.

Step 3. Choose a recovery mode (Quick Scan or Deep Scan) and click Next.

Step 4.  Choose types of files. Click Scan to start.

Step 5. Click the folder where your deleted data was originally located and click each file for preview.  After confirming your lost file by ticking each, hit the Recover button.

Step 6. Choose “Recover while maintaining the original directory structure” and click OK.

Step 7. In this step, if you save your files to the pen drive, a message will pop out requesting you to save your files to a different drive or partition in your PC/laptop. This is to avoid further data loss: Click OK.

Step 8. After saving the files to another partition or drive a message will pop out saying you have recovered your files. Click OK to open your files.

Suggestion: you may put your files in a folder to easily locate.

Step 9. And the files are back. You may now view your recovered files.


If you are struggling on how to recover data from pen drive in accidental deletion, use Bitwar Data Recovery software by following the easy steps. Just by opening the drive, clicking the scan and preview each file, you can recover the data in no sweat.

We look forward on helping you fix your several issues with your data, Bitwar Data Recovery is here to offer 30 days’ free trial to anyone who would gladly share the software to their social media accounts and will be allowed to recover anything in a span of 30 days. Go and share to help others having this same kind of dilemma. More to this, annual or lifetime license from the Bitwar is also offered by purchasing the software.

Download for PCDownload for Mac


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